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Case Study: 160 Newtown


160 Newtown


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Size of Project

72,000 SF


Balicore Construction was hired to renovate the interior and exterior of the 160 Newtown building. The project was divided into three distinct phases, each aimed at enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and overall appeal of the building.

Phase 1: Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades:

The first phase of the renovation project focused on the removal and replacement of the building's mechanical equipment and supporting electrical systems. This included the chiller, air handling units (AHU's), pumps, expansion tanks, piping, electrical panels, breakers, circuits, and more. It is worth noting that all the work was carried out while the building remained occupied by tenants. Our team ensured minimal disruption to the daily operations of the occupants, prioritizing their comfort and safety throughout the process.

Phase 2: Interior Lobby and Restroom Renovations:

In the second phase, Balicore Construction turned its attention to the interior of building 160 Newtown. The focus here was on revamping the lobby and restroom areas, creating a welcoming and modern atmosphere for tenants and visitors.

Phase 3: Exterior Renovations:

The final phase of the project involved the exterior renovations of building 160 Newtown. Balicore Construction's skilled team undertook the task of replacing the curtain wall glass, ensuring improved energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetics, and increased durability.


Cost: Completed under budget

Time: Completed on time


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